High Seirra Showerheads®

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High Sierra Showerheads®
offers three standard selections of shower heads. These include the


Tenayaand the New Hand-held with classic shower head, and trickle valve for low-flow water capacity showers.

HFCS-100-CHC Chrome Clear

Handheld Shower heads

High Sierra Showerheads®
Handheld Shower – Models Feature Our Patented FCS™ 1.5 gpm Nozzle
Easy-Adjust Swivel Head Chrome-Plated Brass Handle with Ceramic Grip.,

Half-Inch NPT Threads
Fit Universal Handheld Shower Hoses Shower Unit Fits Universal Handheld
Shower Holders

Shower hoses and holders are sold separately.

hose asembly

Better than low flow… It’s the right flow!

Posted: Tues, January 27, 2014 10:20 AM 

HS Series Logo

High Sierra Showerheads® is a Made in the
USA TM company.  We u
se standards-compliance features
to help design and manufacture our products right here in

 We manufacture and assemble our showerheads in the Sierra
Nevada foothills, not far from Yosemite.

High Sierra Showerheads® is are a “California Certified Small Business.”  With our patented green technology you not only save money on your energy bill, but you also save as much as 1700 gallons of water a year per person.

Save on Energy Bills

High velocity low flow shower-heads

Sunday, Jan 28, 2014 7:27 AM

Logo Classic Trickle ValveHigh Sierra Showerheads
® not only look different from other shower heads, they use a completely different technology. Each model features our exclusive and patented (U.S. patent #7,185,830) nozzle, which is designed to deliver a delightfully strong and full spray of large drops—from only 1.5 gpm*.

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